The Moving Finger Service 5 Tips to Keep Your Trolling Motor Battery in Tip-Top Shape

5 Tips to Keep Your Trolling Motor Battery in Tip-Top Shape

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A trolling motor can be a personal-included model that features an electrical motor, propeller, and controls, and it is attached to an angler’s vessel. trolling engines are widely used to drive the motorboat forward with a sluggish, stable pace so the angler can sea food without spooking the seafood.

Most Trolling Motor Battery is 12 or 24-volt solutions that utilize strong-period marine power packs. Strong-pattern marine battery packs are made to be dismissed and recharged often times well before they should be replaced. Even so, even reliable strong-cycle battery may ultimately have to be replaced if it’s improperly looked after.

Several Suggestions to maintain your Trolling Motor Battery in Top Condition

Here are five tips to help you make your trolling motor battery in good shape:

1.Keep it nice and clean. Underwater electric batteries need to be kept clean so that they can work effectively. utilize a brush and several cooking soda and normal water to wash the battery terminals and articles.

2.Ensure that is stays charged. Be sure to keep the battery correctly charged in order that it doesn’t become over-worked. You ought to charge your battery after each use.

3.Prevent release periods. Discharging your battery too frequently will reduce its life expectancy. Try to avoid letting your battery go beneath 50Per cent capability when possible.

4.Shop it properly. when you’re not making use of your boat, ensure you retail store your battery within a awesome, dried out spot. Intense temperatures can damage your battery.

5.On a regular basis examine the electrolyte level. The electrolyte stage in your battery should be examined regularly to ensure it’s topped away from. If it becomes too low, put distilled h2o until it gets to the appropriate degree.


By following these simple ideas, you may support increase the life of your own trolling motor battery and make sure it’s always all set when you want it on the water. Good care and servicing can save you money in the long term by avoiding premature substitute charges. And who doesn’t love conserving money?

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