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What is Tobiko?

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If you enjoy sushi, then odds are you’ve experienced tobiko before and didn’t even realize it. Tobiko will be the Japanese word for soaring sea food roe, and it’s often employed as being a sushi satisfying or as being a condiment. It features a slightly sugary preference along with a crunchy texture, making it a well known option among sushi lovers. Continue reading to understand more about this original ingredient.

Tobiko compared to. Caviar

Although tobiko and caviar come from distinct species of fish, they already have numerous similarities. Both of them are rich in proteins and omega-3 essential fatty acids, plus they both have a distinctive, briny taste. The main difference between the two may be the cost caviar is more high-priced than tobiko due to the fact it’s created from sturgeon ovum, that are on the go. Caviar is likewise saltier than tobiko, so it’s much less widely used as being a sushi stuffing.

Where to locate Tobiko

Tobiko are available in most Asian food markets, and it’s becoming increasingly obtainable in well-known supermarkets also. In the event you can’t believe it is refreshing, also you can buy it freezing or canned. It is important to examine the expiry day before acquiring freshness is crucial in relation to fish and shellfish!

what is tobiko

As mentioned previously, tobiko is normally applied as a sushi satisfying or like a condiment. It’s also delightful on its own as being an appetizer simply offer it with soy products marinade and wasabi for dipping. However you choose to love it, be sure you eat it soon after acquire to get the best flavor and consistency.


If you’re a fan of sushi, then you’ve probably possessed tobiko before without even recognizing it. Tobiko may be the Japanese term for traveling by air seafood roe, and it’s often employed being a sushi satisfying or condiment due to the slightly fairly sweet taste and crunchy feel. Though just like caviar in many ways, tobiko is much less pricey and never as salty, making it a more well-known option among sushi fanatics. You can find tobiko at many Asian food markets, and in case you’re fortunate, your local food market may carry it as well. Be sure to take in it soon after buy to get the best taste and feel!

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